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By request, here are photos of the earrings I made yesterday. Read more...Collapse )
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Okay, here are my thoughts about last night's performance of King Lear with Ian McKellan in Stratford-upon-Avon last week. We were there with the lovely bardling, and we're both glad she liked our choice of restaurant, the Coconut Lagoon, which has become our eatery of choice with their pre-theatre dinner deal. :)

I'm going to place the review behind a cut as, yes, there will be spoilers regarding the ending of King Lear for those who don't know the play along with spoilers about this production. Read more...Collapse )
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I know I've made a lot of posts today; forgive me. I've tried to keep them short or to use cuts.

But I had to mention that Tuesday was a holiday of sorts that I neglected to mention. It's an anniversary. No, it's not my wedding anniversary. That's in March. No, it's not the anniversary of when we first met; that's also in March.

Tuesday marked the fifth anniversary of my living in the UK. I moved here on 9 August 2000.

I thought about this fact when I just answered a question on an LJ community asking when I first felt that the UK was home. I suppose it truly was during October half-term week in 2001; it was the first time I'd returned to the US since I'd moved here, and it felt different. It was different. It wasn't home. I do not hate the US. I am still a US citizen, and I await my dual citizenship. However, here, with my husband; with my American kitties who made it across the pond, in a house that mortgaged but is partially mine, this place is home.
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It's that Harry Potter/Myers Briggs meme...Read more...Collapse )
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Happy birthday to becky44!!
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Probably nobody cares, but the kitchen and the bathroom are now clean. Very clean. The refrigerator has even been cleaned out (I discovered it was a necessity to do this earlier), the throw rugs are in the washer, and the floors to both rooms have been mopped. I'm sopping wet with sweat (it's cooler, but it's raining and VERY humid, of course). I've carted some boxes of school things to the loft until I can get to them later in August.

Now what? Oh, yes, the rest of the house wants cleaning too.

Hmm. Maybe it's time to go back to work. :) (The stores already have back-to-school signs up, which isn't fair considering that this week is only the beginning of the summer holiday.)

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Uh huh. Soon, women in the US who want to get the morning after pill -- or even just regular old birth control pills -- might have to go to a pharmacy other than the one where they take their prescriptions for antihistimines, antibiotics, etc.

From a US House of Representatives Committee: US House Committee

And from NARAL:
Their take

NARAL is asking Americans to write to their US House Rep about this issue -- making sure women have easy access to birth control in the United States and don't have anti-contraception pharmacists lecturing them about the ills of birth control. Please do. I will even do so from the UK.

And those of you who are not Americans reading this, it might not hurt to let some of the Republicans mentioned in the articles know what people in other countries think. Heck, here in the UK, birth control is free. In the US, women without private insurance via their employers often have a difficult time just paying for it; now, some pharmacists don't even want to dispense it. :(
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I was going to write a long post, but...

1. The tube, or at least the parts I was on yesterday, seemed per usual, except that I noticed more police officers in the stations -- and on the platforms.
2. The Borderline, now that is owned by Mean Fiddler, does not permit water bottles to be brought inside. You have to leave it at the box office and pick it up on the way out. Odd, considering that although they sell bottled water at the bar, they will give you a pint glass of tap water for free. And it's even cold. I'd forgotten how hot the Borderline can get (it's in a basement, little to no ventilation except for fans), so I appreciated the ice in the water glass. I will remember not to bother with a water bottle next time. (Next time may be for Jill Sobule in August.)
3. Nerina Pallot has a wild look in her eyes; she's not as innocent as her songs make her seem. :)
4. Accommodation at Worldcon is back to being shaky, but I have confidence it will work out. If worse comes to worse, I will stay at a b&b (found a place that isn't too expensive) and just not stay the entire time. I still haven't bought my train ticket home (singles are cheaper than returns), so I have a little time to decide.
5. The biggest problem with the transit yesterday was the bus replacement service between Basingstoke and Winchester. Despite the fact that we managed to get the 23.05 train home, we still didn't reach home until almost 2 AM. Yawn.
6. I finished matociquala's Scardown yesterday on the tube and train. I loved it and am awaiting the final one in the trilogy/series this autumn. You're making me wait...
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Nana is worried; she's not been sleeping well. Papa's surgery has a high success rate -- 4/5, which is better than the triple bypass my father had years ago. Still, she worries. After so many of good health for both of them, this past year has delivered Papa 90-some years of backlog. He's tired; he drifts off easily, but a lot of that possibly is due to the regime of drugs he's on. Poor man -- only clear liquids today, surgery some time tomorrow. He was snoozing lightly when we arrived, a book in his lap. We learned later that we'd just missed Nana and V, my mother-in-law. We must have just missed each other passing in the corridors of the hospital as they departed for home and a brief break and we arrived.

luis_mw's youngest sister showed up while we were there. We'd not seen her in months, and our surprise was obvious. She's lost a lot of weight, and I think we bored Papa a little (although I don't think he really was bored -- his eyes truly lit up when he awoke and saw Ian there, and he was thrilled that K was present also) discussing her diet. More details later if we decide to check it out; it's something called 'a lighter life'. Both of Ian's sisters have used it successfully, and , more importantly, have maintained the weight loss.

At any rate, as I said, Papa's eyes really lit up when he saw Ian there. Me too, but it really was for Ian, of course. We spent about three hours there. Towards the end, after K had left, Nana and Ian's stepfather arrived. R knew we'd probably be there, but Nana didn't know, and she seemed very happy to see us. The surgery is tomorrow. I am convinced it was be a success. He most likely will remain in hospital for another week or more, so we will do our best to visit again later this week.

I am very glad we went to Guildford today. I know it was a tough visit for Ian, but I think Papa and Nana were cheered by his appearance. We left the hospital close to the end of visiting hours at 8 PM. Since we had a drive home, we decided to go into Guildford proper and eat at the Wagamama there. And, yes, the ginger chicken udon, which I think is relatively new to the menu, is very good. Lots of ginger. I liked it. We wandered a little bit around the town centre since I'd admitted that I'd never really been there. After various trips to his parents and sisters, he's not really taken me around the town, so we walked up the high street a bit, wandered about a little; I had the mini-tour from the man who grew up there. I must return to see and do more later.

In the car driving home, we discussed the menu for this weekend a bit more, talking about food shopping and all, what Middle Eastern tidbits I will seek out at the Iranian grocery tomorrow in London, etc. Perhaps it was an appropriate way to end the day, what with the stress of the hospital visit and that worry. The late morning consisted of waffles (that recipe will do nicely, thank you!) and fresh pineapple, boysenberries and raspberries. At night, we had Wagamama food. And we're discussing Middle Eastern-type food for the feast this coming weekend.
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Out of curiousity... I've found a couple of ideas on-line, but does anyone personally know of good places in London for purchasing groceries used in cooking foods from Middle Eastern countries?

Hallmark Channel has been running a House marathon tonight, and we've been watching for the first time. We both are enjoying it, although I had difficulties initially with Hugh Laurie not sounding like himself. :)

Tomorrow, we're seeing Papa in hospital. The surgery is on Monday, and he's been in hospital for a couple of days for all of the initial work-ups. *sigh*

I'll be auditioning waffle recipes tonight, tomorrow and during the week. I'm making up most of a batter with yeast tonight, and I'll work with yeast-free recipes later. Gotta try that waffle maker!

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